SCORM Learning Management System

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What do you understand by SCORM LMS?

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SCORM-compliant LMS can accept SCORM compliant content and allow users to access the content. You can easily upload SCORM compliant courses, and it will run those courses smoothly. A SCORM compliant LMS enables you to track the learners’ progress and learning activities.

Some SCORM LMS features are:

Advanced reporting: SCORM LMS has a powerful feature of advanced reporting to generate custom reports to measure learners’ performance. It can easily track, assess, and monitor learner progress levels. Manager can also send the reports automatically and send them daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. You can easily generate a report of training activities in just a few clicks with a robust learning management system.

Learning Path: Add structure to your training programs with a learning path feature. You can easily create a sequence of the courses you can assign to specific employees and easily enroll automatically in all courses. Personalized learning paths make the training process easier as the particular group of courses can assign to the employees to master that specific subject or topic.

Social Learning tools: This LMS feature can help connect the learners and share their knowledge. It is the best way to learn employees learn by observing and communicating with others. You can achieve your learning goals. Through social learning, it creates an interactive and engaging learning environment.

Mobile Learning: With the mobile learning feature, you can access learning anytime, anywhere. It is a flexible learning option where employees learn at their own time and pace. This feature enhances the overall learning experience. Students can access their learning material from any device be it laptop, tablet, or smart phone whenever they have time and are interested in doing so.

Gamification: Gamification has been a great way to expand the learning skills strategies that allow us to use human behavior and competition to motivate learners. You can reward learners by ranking, badges, points, and awards. Instant feedback in learning is an important element that motivates the learner to achieve learning goals. Gamification provides instant feedback, making learning easier and interactive.

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