Single Sign On Benefits

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What are the benefits of Single Sign-On?

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With SSO, users are allowed to access a suite of applications via one single login, irrespective of the platform, technology, or domain used.
Here are some benefits of Single Sign-on

  • Your users don’t need to remember an excessive number of usernames and passwords. Just one set is enough to access various software in the organization’s network. Password fatigue.. Yeah, that’s what we call it.
  • A considerable rise in productivity just by the simple avoidance of usage of multiple passwords.
  • Reduced burden on the IT due to fewer help-desk requests for password resets.
  • Centralized authentication center and identity management allows quicker and better control over the accesses granted to each user.
  • Compliance reporting in LMS becomes easy with the centralized access control brought forth by Identity Management system like OneLogin.



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