Tools for converting Flash to HTML5

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What are the best tools for converting Flash to HTML5?

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Convert Flash to HTML5 is a new buzzword in the website development community. Many website designers and front-end developers are switching to the latest version of HTML, i.e., HTML5, as it has advanced features and solutions. Flash will disappear completely by 2021 and has been already subject to restrictions by major browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for speed and security reasons. Moreover, giant tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Mozilla, and Google have already announced that they have stopped using Flash.
There are various Flash to HTML5 converter available in the market, use the most suitable authoring tool to convert Flash websites to HTML 5.

  • eLearning courses: to convert Flash to HTML5, you can use Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, Lectora Online, Paradiso Composer, iSpring Suite and more.
  • Flash videos: To convert Flash to HTML5, there several video converters like Prof. Media, HandBrake, and FFMPEG are available in the market.
  • Flash ads: To convert Flash to HTML5 Canvas, use the HTML5 element called ‘Canvas’. HTML5 Canvas uses JavaScript to draw graphics, including animation, on web pages.
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