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Which are the top 5 LMS service providers in India?

pradnyamaske pradnyamaske answered

The eLearning has been an increasing sector in India the last year. Most of the companies with over 3 or 4 years, recovered the investment, even duplicate it in a short time. What it means, is that the eLearning market is a rentable sector, especially in India.

Most of the companies that work with the eLearning content (LMS, content creation, content management, etc.) are solid and rentable. According to this blog “Top 5 Companies in Mumbai”, the students will be on the web, that’s the place that your company must walk through.

As I know, some of the companies that had an excellent cost-effectiveness in 2017 were:

– Paradiso Solutions.

– Tata Interactive.

– CommLab.

– EI Design.

– G-Cube solutions.

Finally, this market is not closed yet. The creativity and talent that we have in India could provide hundreds of solutions in the eLearning topic. The idea of the emerging companies should be expanding the process to new countries, without forgetting their origins.




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