Top Paw Patrol coloring pages for kids – free and fun

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The Paw Patrol is a children’s television show that centers on four canine friends who patrol a fictionalized version of a city called “Fantasyland.” The characters are: Chase, an explorer; Marshall, a firefighter with a heart of gold; Rubble, a roadkill cleanup specialist; and Skye, an optimist who believes the best is yet to come. The show has been on the air for over a decade and it’s still as fun today as it was when it first debuted. That being said, if your kids aren’t old enough to fully understand what’s going on in the cartoon or video game shows or if you’re looking for something easier on their little eyes, this coloring page may be for you. Each dog in the series has its own color-based task to complete before moving on to the next one. There are also brief pop-up captions that explain what each character is supposed to be doing at any given time. So whether you’re looking for some new ways to entertain your kids or want to keep them occupied during a hectic day at work or school, there’s sure to be a paw patrol coloring page here that’ll suit your needs!
What’s So Good About Paw Patrol?
The show first debuted in September 2006 and has since gone on to become a maturing franchise for kids, drawing millions of viewers. It’s now in its 12th and final season on Disney Channel. The show is based on the children’s book The Paw Patrol: Race to the Rescue by Monica Hesse. The first season of the show follows the adventures of a team of four dogs who serve as the Paw Patrol: Chase, Marshall, Rubble, and Skye. The second season follows the same team but adds a fifth dog, Sparky, whose job is to assist Chase, Marshall, and the others. The third season is a spin-off series called Paw Patrol: Get your Hooves On which follows the adventures of Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Sparky, and the other dogs of Paw Patrol as they compete in misfit circles and face off against each other in challenges.

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