Was education better in the past with the lack of technology, such as phones, computers, and projectors, etc.?

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Will Philips hardiS answered

The education has changed a lot since the surge of the eLearning in the actual era.

Mark Smith Mark Smith answered

Well, we must start saying that in the past the classes were for a short group of people. If you look back, 20 years ago you find there were many people without studies (even without any kind of elementary studies). The information was centralizing in libraries, government sites or it was exclusive for some people.

With the digital era, the information was relished to the word it is just ahead to one click. Then, the different teachings way will change, everything is easy to get but too much to choose. During the time that the information is on the web have been many changes in the education way, making the student part of the class with voice and vote.

So, we can say that the education has changed a lot since the information was relished in the web. times have changed and that is the reason why it cannot be the same. New technics for share and teach must be created, each day the human has more information, what we need is to know how to use it.

According to the new technics and platforms, there is one on them that has been passionate a while ago. The Learning Management Systems have been in the markets for about 10 years (and something more), as the best way to share content and an option for the new teaching.

In my experience, you must look for better ways to engage your students, try to share the knowledge, or in this case use the existing information, in something attractive. I’ve tried several systems, but I recommend cent percent Paradiso LMS as the best way to share your content online.

You need a something that allows you to integrate the new communication ways into your scholarship. You must use a possible bad feature of the technology (multiple devices to distract the attention), and use it on your side. That is why I use Paradiso software, they allow me to integrate devices, apps, and some other features to create a complete experience.

We cannot say that the education cannot be the same at the time, it needs to change, evolve and adapt to the different times. Use the new tools of the technology as a way to share the information you want, for me an LMS is the best option to work in this challenging times.

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JohnKlein94 JohnKlein94 answered

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