What are popular collaboration plugins for moodle? Request

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I have the same question.


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Moodle plugins are quite many to know about and I know a few of them. There is a whole post about them on https://www.paisley.org.uk/2022/01/how-to-find-the-best-uk-essay-writing-service/. You should for sure check it out.

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1. Badges – MoodleDocs

This plugin enables you to add badges in Moodle. Badges are a good way of celebrating smaller achievements and for showing eventual progress. These badges can be set up for getting awarded based on the criteria you choose, and are fully compatible with Mozilla Open Badges. Badges earned by the learners in Moodle can be displayed on a user’s profile. Besides, these badges can be pushed to their Open Badges backpack or the public badge collections in their backpack. Finally, all the badges will be visible on their Moodle dashboard.

2. Better than Digital Chocolate – Badges For Your Moodle

By installing this plugin, you get a library of gamification badges that can used in Moodle or for any learning management software. These badges help you represent awards, skills and achievements in a fun visual fashion! The benefits of using MoodleBadges are multifarious and range from it being language independent to being easily integratable with any design.

3. Moodle plugins directory: Level up!

This plugin automatically captures and attributes experience points to students’ actions. Besides, the block displays current level of the learner and his progress towards next level. The block plugin helps in generating reports for teachers/admins to get an overview of their students’/learners’ levels. The best part of the plugin, it sends notifications to congratulate students as they level up and an event is fired whenever the student levels up.

4. Moodle plugins directory: Set: Experience Points (XP)

This specific plugin contains gamification style plugins that works on experience points that is given to the students. It also enables restriction of access to any activity according to a user’s experience level. Get going with this plugin if you want to assign experience points to the learners.

There are 6 More please visit : Best Moodle Plugins for Gamification – A Curated List –




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