What are some innovative ideas to gamify a training program?

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Will Philips asifnaveed8527 answered

Gamification is amazing for the LMS platforms!

gregoryhutchison gregoryhutchison answered

First take the decision of gamify your courses is a very smart one because it is proving, by several studies, that a person can obtain more information while is motivated by goals and task. Here you have a good article that talks about the gamification and how to engage your students in your platform.

Then, you must take in count that the gamification will be limited to the platform that you use on your project, on this case use the correct LMS is the cheat to have a real success. That is why I advise using Paradiso LMS, it has gaming features adaptable to very different situations and needs, a very good option when you want to try an excellent LMS and integrated it with gamification.

marchandj804 marchandj804 answered

Thanks for sharing.


rrdrrdrrse rrdrrdrrse answered

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