Is your customer training getting hard and boring? Try with LMS gamification

We could say that customer satisfaction and brand awareness are the main reasons why organizations are implementing today external training programs, because this leads them to increase product or services knowledge, customer retention, and training revenue. Companies have even been using gamification in customer training to increase motivation and engagement.

Why? most of the time, the companies don’t achieve the expected results because they can’t organize the time of their audiences, the exact place for them to attend and the right strategies to motivate them to accomplish the objectives. That’s why virtual training and gamification have become the perfect solutions to reach the companies’ goals with their customers.

Online learning is taking over a large number of institutions, organizations and industries which want to offer a dynamic, engaged and a different resource to their target audiences.

If you’re one of them, you need to know that to implement a successful e-learning program, is necessary, and very important, to incorporate a learning management system, also known as a learner management system or LMS, which is a software or platform to deliver and manage online courses.

How to know which LMS platform is perfect for your company?

Easy. When you’re going to choose an LMS software, you must consider these essentials features:

First, you have to be sure that the platform let you customize the platform according to your company’s needs because every organization has its plan, course and training program. A learner management system has to offer a custom solution to each client based on their issues and needs.  

Second, the software must have an easy to use, simple and very friendly interface for the users, this way you won’t need much training and the implementation would be easier. 

On the other hand, you need to check if the LMS offers different integrations, like CRM and e-commerce integrations, letting you get a very functional platform where you could easily strengthen the relationship with your customers and even sell your courses.

A top LMS has to be mobile compatible and has to let your customers access from tablets, smartphones and all other types of mobile devices.

Is very important that the learner management system that you choose allows your customers to learn via social media and from other tools like billboards, news, blogs, forums, chats and more. With this, you could mix informal and formal training in one place.

But even implementing e-learning strategies or having a great LMS platform is not enough to achieve the objectives with the customers.  

Dynamic and interactive strategies are needed to motivate your customers to finish their training programs because somethings the videos or long texts could get very boring. This is why gamification in eLearning begins to be fundamental for customer training.

Gamification in Customer Training…How?  

When you start planning your customer training courses, first you have to know your goals and expectations, what your clients are going to achieve and how long they would take to accomplish them. Understanding the importance of online learning and after acquiring a top LMS, following the steps above, it is necessary to keep your customers motivated and willing to train through your courses.

The role of gamification in customer training is to help you maintain the external motivation of your clients. What does that mean? According to the psychological concept of motivation, it has to types: intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic (external).

Intrinsic motivation is the one that leads a person to perform or complete a task under his own initiative. With this motivation the person doesn’t need an external stimulus, because finds it striking, fun and interesting. For its part, extrinsic or external motivation refers to all those external resources that are used to motivate a person to complete a task. Those factors usually can be items like money, trophies, gifts, social status, respect, appreciation, etc.

As you see, the external motivation is useful when you need that someone completes tasks that sometimes could be boring or complicated to accomplish. Those strategies could get in the minds and help to turn in the individual’s intrinsic motivation.

How does gamification in customer training help with that? Adding game elements to activities that don’t have to be anything with games generates engaged, committed and very participative learners.

Games have been part of the life of everyone in the world, from kids to adults, and help to develop basic human emotions such as rewards, status, achievement, self-expression, competition, and altruism. All through elements like points, different levels, challenges, leaderboards, certifications, fun competitions, gifts, and more.

By the above, you or your company must use all of those elements such as points, levels, challenges, certifications, scoreboards and gifting in your LMS platform to push your customers’ psychological areas. Why? Because the same learning strategies could easily get monotonous and your clients are no longer going to want to continue with their training or they could stop the process that you started with them with a lot of effort, sacrifice, and resources.

A platform adapted with game elements can create an interactive scenery that helps your users accomplish their goals, learn through creative activities and resources, and finish their training while there are also having fun. This is the reason why we recommend you use game dynamics or gamification in your customer training LMS.

In Paradiso, We believe that enriching the LMS platform and using gamification in customer training are helpful to build a dynamic process and system, to create a unique, complete, interactive, participative and fun online training, where the customers will want to achieve their goals, improve their knowledge, that way they won’t want to stop learning.

At the same time, offering a quality virtual education, the satisfaction of the clients will increase significantly, as well as their knowledge of the brand and products and, in the future, they will be the ones who recommend your company the most.


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