What are some popular commercial eLearning platforms?

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Meghna Sumeet Zarkar answered

I work for an organization that will most likely expect a corporation to be behind a product. Not absolutely necessary, but quite likely. I know about open source moodle already. If anyone wants to compare a commercial product against moodle, just for comparison’s sake, that would be great!

Sumeet Zarkar Sumeet Zarkar answered

there are too many LMSs to list all of them here. Most vendors provide similar opportunities and features (testing, reporting, live conference, communication capacities etc).
But really, the key difference lies in the LMS installation type and it is one of the primary points that should be taken into consideration while choosing LMS.
Learning Management Systems Come In Two Types:
1.SAAS (Software as a Service) or Cloud LMS (other titles are “on demand” and multitenant);
2.Installed LMS (“on premise”, deployed, licensed or in-house).
The key difference is that in the first case LMS is offered as a service and is hosted on the vendor’s servers while in the second one – as a product and is run on the servers within the company’s network.
Examples of the best SAAS LMS software:

Paradiso LMS
– BlackBoard
– Litmos LMS
– Totara LMS
Examples of the best in-house LMS software:
– JoomlaLMS
– Sakai LMS
– LearnDash LMS

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Hello there,

Have you met QuoDeck? 😛

QuoDeck is a end-to-end learning system which allows you to create game-based learning modules and host the same on a cloud-based MicroLMS which can be accessed on desktop/laptop as well as Tab and mobile.

What makes QuoDeck popular?

Easy to create, thanks to ready templates and interactions

Form-based creator so no need to worry about design

Can be used to create simple interactive decks, quizzes and games like Anagram, Picture Fuddle, etc (More games to come)

Also, provides hosting services (MicroLMS) as a package

Has a experienced team which provides live support

Is on cloud, hence can be accessed from anywhere

Works on desktop as well as mobile, seamlessly

Detailed analytics

No coding knowledge required

Used by more than 50 Fortune 500 companies like Hotstar, eBay India, PepsiCo, etc

Developed by Ptotem Technologies, pioneer of serious games in India

It’s free!

Hope this helps!




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