What are the benefits of using animation in eLearning?

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Meghna avasophia answered

Animation in elearning called Gamification just if you are not aware then

What is Gamification

In a nutshell gamification is the use of gameplay mechanics for non-game applications. It’s an action-reward system that captures people’s attention and increases engagement. In the eLearning world, gamification is the use of game mechanics to ‘gamify’ content that engages and entices users by encouraging and rewarding use.


  1. Gamification can motivate students.
  2. After getting the attention of the users, a reward system can also further encourage students.
  3. Gamification can allow students to set their own pace. With games, the students can be free to learn at their own pace.

LMS Gamification

avasophia avasophia answered

I also want to know what is the benefit of animation in elearning. I want to know this because right now I am working with leading 3D animation videos in the usa and if someone needs this type of animation that helps in elearning so we can make this for them in affordable rate.

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