What are the fundamental features of a modern LMS?

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I am sure with time this particular answer will keep changing. Having said that I would not like to count SCORM, Cloud based, selling course, creating a learning path or some reporting tools as fundamental features, it’s a given that we will certainly have those things by default.

Here I would like to highlight two features which I feel is fundamental in today’s time, as it plays a pivotal role in driving engagement amongst learners.

Interactive videos

For one simple reason I’d say this is the best innovation because here you can make high level engagement immersive video out a boring video in a jiffy.
Interactive videos make learning engaging, immersive and fun. Paradiso LMS gives you the capability to create, share and reuse interactive videos with your learners. So, what are interactive videos? These are videos made by the addition of immersive interactive elements such as images, elaborating text, links, quizzes, etc. These interactions are shown by blue dots or red dots that get placed on the timeline below the video. These dots indicate that an interaction is available at those particular points in the video. And there is much more.

Here is a YouTube link where you can see Interactive Videos in action


dsequ dsequ answered

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