What are the recent innovations in eLearning and LMSs?

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Mark Smith adamgarone answered

The Learning Management System are innovating day by day, so, what’s new?

adamgarone adamgarone answered

Well, the eLearning world is moving forward so fast! The companies understood that this market is something that needs improvement every day. Thanks to this the software and products offered became deeper and bigger, the quality increased a lot in the upcoming 5 years.

Now, the most representative changes or innovations in the LMS world are related, mostly with the UX (User experience). The interphase design became in a strong sign of distinguishing for the platforms, although, this makes easier the interaction and development of the courses for both sides, trainee and trainer. To onboard better the topic I recommend you to read more about it in the following blog, with this top of best LMS companies, you will find some features and points to care about.

Finally, as a quick answer to your question, I must say that every company focuses its forces in creating something that fits their client’s needs. But for sure, one of the upcoming new events in the eLearning, for sure would be the IA implementation, that some companies as Paradiso and Docebo already started to use on their LMS. This tech still has a lot to do, but, I consider, it’s the most representative innovating thing, in addition to the UX design, which is changing every day.




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