What are the top learning management systems for corporations?

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Mark Smith poojasharma answered

There are a lot of LMS platforms overthere!

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gregoryhutchison gregoryhutchison answered

I’m on the eLearning market for a while and I tried several systems. Some of them with the capability to offer users and service, others assistance and programming freedom. Before choosing an LMS you should compare the functionality, the price-benefice, and your specific needs.

In my experience, Paradiso LMS is a good option for corporate training, it has a lot of features that include: social learning, gamification, mobile responsive, among others.

It accommodates the prices to your needs, you try it in trial version or in a free version.

As I told you, verify which is the best option in LMS that fit on your needs, not all of them will be useful for your specific requirement. A corporate LMS required a platform with training features.

I do use LMS, it is a good option when you want to create eLearning content or corporate training. To make your selection easier, I share with you this useful blog whit a Top 10 of the best LMS, that way you will have different options to choose from.

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