What is a learning management system (LMS) in the context of education?

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From this perspective, and seeking to improve the learning experience of millions of people globally, the well-known LMS (Learning Management System) platforms were created, but what are they really, and what is their function? An LMS or e-Learning platform is a distance learning tool that allows you to create a virtual classroom to teach using the Internet. It is a program or software that teachers and students can access from anywhere in the world to meet their teaching and learning objectives.

But not only that. Learning Management Systems provide a good training environment and transform this process into something dynamic and accessible. For this reason, they must comply with specific characteristics. Here are the main ones:

Flexibility: LMS platforms are customizable and flexible to different study plans. This enables content to be introduced in response to teacher and student needs.

Interactivity: allows users to have different content with which they can interact to understand better the subjects taught. 

Usability: Refers to the ease with which users manage to use the platform to achieve an objective. In other words, there should be no confusion about its use. 

Multiple functionalities: LMS platforms try to replicate the physical classroom environment in a virtual environment. Therefore, they offer different tools such as video lectures, chats, and discussion forums. 

Accessibility: users can access the complete content at any time and from anywhere. This is possible from any screen (cell phones, tablets, and computers), which offers enormous possibilities.

In addition to the characteristics already described, e-Learning platforms have many advantages to offer to different schools and institutions, which is why they have become so well known in recent years. 

They are an excellent communication channel between the community. Some of them allow access to student performance reports, which show their learning curves and allow decisions to be made for their improvement. 

Let’s take a look at some of their most critical general benefits. 

Benefits of LMS platforms

1. They simplify learning processes: 

These platforms use intuitive systems and logically structured content that is easy to use for anyone, including children. Furthermore, having virtual classes improves the possibilities for collaborative and social learning.

2. They allow access to multimedia content: 

Learning through LMS platforms is more fun because they include written content as in traditional classrooms and allow accompanying the students’ process through images, videos, infographics, podcasts, and others.

3. They are easily manageable: 

The content can be updated in real-time and instantly. In addition, it is elementary to manage user roles, such as students, teachers, tutors, supervisors, and others. 

4. Training costs are reduced: 

Compared to face-to-face training courses, LMS platforms are much more economical, considering that there is no need for the use of a physical space or the displacement of students and teachers to the classroom, in addition to the elimination of printed materials. 

5. They are available 24/7 

We have long been used to the fact that educational services are available to us 24/7. At any time, we can use essay helper free or find the necessary tutorial. So in the LMS. Thanks to them, geographical and time distances are eliminated since students can access it from anywhere and at any time of the day. Undoubtedly, LMS platforms are a powerful 360º tool that all schools should consider for their training and educational activity. 

As each of them is different, your selection will depend only on your objectives and needs. For example, through Pearson Digital Hub, you can offer mixed classes (face-to-face and virtual) and obtain performance reports that show each student’s learning.

Learn about all its benefits today and implement a new learning strategy in your institution. Please note that Pearson Digital Hub only applies to English language learning products.

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