What is the best LMS integrated with salesforce?

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Will Philips Mason Sophia answered

Looking to find out best Salesforce LMS

Sumeet Zarkar Sumeet Zarkar answered

Paradiso LMS is one of the best solutions for this. Which includes

  1. User Sync
  2. SSO
  3. Course Sync
  4. Course Completion and Enrollment Sync
  5. Enrollments from SF
  6. Reports
  7. Dashboard
  8. LMS Embedded in SF
    1. My Courses
    2. My Certificates
    3. My Team
    4. Course Catalog
  9. Activity Records Sync
Mason Sophia Mason Sophia edited answer

I’m new to the subject of elearning, but there’s one company that has let me speechless, i still don’t believe the services they provide, but I asked around and it seems to be true. The name is Create eLearning, this company has an offline and off the grid accessibility. I googled a lot to see whether it’s possible or no, couldn’t find any usefull information, I couldn’t find any other company that provides such service, that’s why I recommend you to take a look at it.

Here’s the link Create eLearning.

Hope I was of help




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