What is the best way to put training modules online?

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Mark Smith Will Philips answered

The LMS has several useful features, but when you want to put more interactive information or games, what is the best option?

Will Philips Will Philips answered

Across the years, in the online world, the most common way to share training content in modules is through LMS platforms. The LMS market has grown a lot since the beginning of this teaching way. Most of the systems created interphases capable to provide course interaction.

The big deal came when the world solicited a better relationship between the trainee and the course. That’s when the gamification and the course management surge as an answer, via the SCORM implementation. This web course design was the answer, with code administration, for the interaction need.

So, nowadays you need first, an LMS with enough power to improve your courses to a next level. Second, an LMS capable of running SCORM. That’s why I recommend using Paradiso because the SCORM compatibility is great and runs without problem.




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