What is the difference between educational technology and technology in education and how does Paradiso apply this?

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This question is related with the need to understand in which of those two points is situated Paradiso LMS in the educational tech or in a tech in education

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Well in my personal experience, I must say that is a word context play game. We must define, first, is the technology as a tool in the human been daily life. Once we have this clear we can on board this two meaning which is very different.

We can define the technology in education as the use of tech-tools for educational ends. That means that we can define this as a classic education way, classroom, that use tech as a way to share info, video beam or digital presentation.

Is important to clarify that in this cases the education way is the same, what it changes is the tools or dynamic that the student or the teacher uses. The method is the same, the uses and the communication way could be different.

Educational technology is where we generate education and environments through technology. An excellent example of this is the actual LMS implementation in most companies. Those replaced the classic training, and through a computer or apps, the company creates the content.

On educational technology is where we can see a powerful merging market. The LMS companies as Udemy, Litmos or Paradiso are using this option as a way to change the education way. This educational tech is using by the colleges and institutions as a solution for different challenges of nowadays.

So, Paradiso is an excellent example of educational tech. With it, you can create environments and educational places and inside the platform using tools as gamification, slack and much more.




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