What is the difference between educational technology and technology in education and how does Paradiso apply this?

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Will Philips dawodseo answered

This question is related with the need to understand in which of those two points is situated Paradiso LMS in the educational tech or in a tech in education

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Technology has always been a great way to learn and understand daily with the help of platforms like these you will be able to succeed because classrooms are switching to mobile phones. Therefore, the mobile app developers UK provides a huge amount of access to the people who want to learn and grow in a very interesting and easy way you can use different tools in it.

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MickCoelho MickCoelho answered

‘Educational Technology’ makes reference to tools, that is, hardware and software that anyone may deem to be adequate for schools. For instance, as was the case in many situations, companies may push their products into schools as educational technologies because they see profit. On the other hand ‘technology in education’ refers to digitally mediated attitudes that have to be developed for the successful implementation of the tools mentioned before. Thus technology in education is more related to the facilitation process of technology to enhance learning. Ultimately it is this which will decide if any form of technology pushed in educational contexts is in fact useful in the contexts it is being implemented in.


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