What is the importance of user experience in an LMS?

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Will Philips adamgarone answered

The UX or user experience is the basics of the web development building. In an LMS it does matter.

adamgarone adamgarone answered

The user experience is the way that a platform is present to the “customer”, teacher (administrator) and “student” (user). With this terminology, all the big problems about surfing and creating a course, that normally took over months are reduced to loading a folder with the information on it (an SCORM or TINCAN document), some click on the platform and even give merge a video or integrate the LMS with amazing solutions, a virtual classroom.

According to this the user experience offered by Paradiso LMS is simple and incredibly well looked, yes, in some cases the solutions results even worse than the problem. Fortunately, this it’s not our case, the system offered is created thinking in the user, that way the experience will be easier to explore and the information easy to get.

So, as you see the clue of the matter is creating a platform full of power capable of providing a user experience that engages as much as the teacher, be easy to manage, as the student, be easy to surf. We can truly tell you that the LMS user experience provided by Paradiso is created thinking in all the process suffering that many teachers, students, and developers passed through.

With the LMS user experience that Paradiso offers in the platform, you can create easily courses, upload your presentations and even create eLearning communities around forums and social learning systems.





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