What is workday and does Paradiso integrates with it?

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adamgarone Will Philips answered

The HRIS is very useful platforms to update the LMS possibilities. So, it will be great to know if Paradiso can integrate with some of this software as Workday.

Will Philips Will Philips answered

The Human resources virtual platforms are the solution for many issues that surge at the time with the companies growing. Time ago all the processes and documentation were handled by human hands in a very long and deep physical registry. It wasn’t that bad until you wanted to look for some information of an employee, update some specifical requirement or make an investigation.

As an answer to this critical problem that grown with the company’s sizes, the digital era provides the HRIS platforms. Obviously, it was a long time, some “windows” and apples later, and a few of expensive servers when it happens. The panacea of the big files, hours spent looking for a seed of paper and even a complete department of people were reduced to a cloud-based platform easy to use.

That’s how we found Workday, it’s a great HRIS solution that offers all that I spoke before, plus some useful integrations with mobile platforms and some keys. The user experience is the main factor to take in the count of this software, although the integration with some learning platforms.

In the following blog, you will find an explanation about what I’m talking about! So, finally, I must tell you that your company definitely need to improve the HR department into an HRIS solution. The powerful integration offered by Workday and some training platforms as Paradiso Solution, for example, are a few of benefits that you definitely will love.




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