What is your biggest challenge to building an online course?

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Will Philips EleanorPerez answered

The courses are the hearth of the LMS!

richardbhyde richardbhyde answered

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Mark Smith Mark Smith answered

Creating an online course is a challenging task , you must think about how to engage a group with information, share content and created an entire experience. You can say that one of the most difficult tasks of the process is the content creation, but it is not, it is just the start of the process.

Once you have the content clear, you must proceed with the experience creation, it is the way to engage your users and keep the courses alive. There are several strategies that will help you on it, as gaming, interactivity or multimedia resources. You must choose wisely because as most you have a good user experience, you will have a better response.

If you need a hand with it, I recommend you to read the following blog about “course creation”, it will help providing you some information and sources about the topic. By the way, you can look in the website Paradiso Solutions, they have a lot of information and help about it.




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