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How to design custom elearning courses?

Existing training materials and documents cannot be automatically transformed into e-learning materials by just making them available from a website. So, how do you design custom elearning courses?

E-learning courses differ from face-to-face training and require specific formats. For self-paced e-learning in particular, information must be carefully curated and must embed with adequate instructional support to allow learners to slide throughout the course independently. Take, for example: a presentation for face-to-face training sessions is not compelling e-learning content. It does not include all the apt reasoning and examples supplied by the educator in a traditional classroom. Similarly, a 10-page article made available online is not e-learning content because the way it is designed doesn’t match with specific learning objectives.

We at Paradiso are capable of converting your existing training such as power point to SCORM compliant elearning module, instructor-led classroom training to dynamic elearning/ mobile formats, paper-based training to an interactive elearning courses and much more.

design custom elearning courses


Requirement gathering, Training material analysis



Defining Instructional, Media and Delivery strategy



Preparing Graphics, Characters, Storyboard and Courseware development



Production of Final e-learning module as per SCORM and AICC Compliance



QC of the final product before delivery

Online course modules can be presented in different content types such as demonstrations, video tutorials, presentations, informational e-courses, interactive eBooks, or quizzes or assessments. By creating content modules in different types, you can provide learners with a richer and more robust learning experience. Thereafter these modules are then delivered through a learning management system.


Industries we serve

Industries we serve

  • Automobiles


    Paradiso eLearning solutions has done a thorough and a wonderful job in refining course material for all the trades practiced in the auto industry. Outsource your course creation project and get it quickly done and delivered remotely online to continually develop and upgrade automotive skills for higher value additions.

  • Manufacturing


    Paradiso provides top manufacturing courses right from basics of manufacturing to planning, management and control that will help you outperform your competition. We also help you to simplify all the courses and offer interactive online courses for welding engineering and master turning, milling, punching, drilling, bending and more.

  • BFSI


    We create first-class online courses for banking institutions looking to effortlessly deliver e-learning and blended compliance training programs. These online courses help in training the banking employees. An entire team of experts works together to produce a remarkable customizable course you’ll be proud to say is your own.

  • Healthcare


    Our healthcare courses are designed to upskill you for work in rapidly-growing industries, without the time and cost commitment of a full degree. They can be used as an independent certification, and also offer academic credit to use towards a degree. Each course also includes a formal online assessment as per your need.

  • Government


    Paradiso works with government agencies to scalably upskill the government workforce. With our course creation learning programs that drive digital readiness, data literacy, and expertise in critical topics, governments can fast track digital transformation and modernization projects and train their employees as per need. We also help select from 3000+ courses, certificates, and degrees to best align with your priorities.

  • Education


    Paradiso offers a range of services to provide educational institutes rock solid course templates and also everything you need to build custom-built courses in the form of videos, pdfs, docs, etc. Schools and colleges can create branded landing pages, choose multiple content formats while building courses.

  • Retail


    Paradiso offers course creation services for online sellers looking to expand their business into retail stores and also offer courses in the form of modules for practical guide. We also offer over 130,000 video courses on cash flow forecasting and customized guides as per business needs for understanding retail in customer service and much more.

  • Transportation


    Get personalized online courses in different formats with certificates for transport and logistics courses, training courses for supply chain management and online courses in logistics and supply chain management. Paradiso course creation offers customized courses as per your need in different course formats such as PDFs, videos, documents and also in the form of quizzes.

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Analyze the requisites of the business

When you choose a custom elearning course development process, this indicates you are already aware of your organization’s structure and requirements. By offering an all-in-one training course, you can tailor your eLearning content to your company’s needs. For instance, if you need your employees to master a specific piece of equipment such as full-featured Point-Of-Sale software, you can focus on that certain area and come up with custom elearning courses. This custom elearning course development process will save your time as well as employee’s time from going through pages of material learners won’t need at the moment. Analyzing the requirements increases business productivity and efficiency while training.

Requirement for Custom Course Creation

Customize and Connect with real-world requirements

To offer learner value in their training, your course has to tally with real-world situations. These customized courses show them how to apply the knowledge they learned once they leave the virtual environment. This acts as boon and offers benefits of experiential learning as well as hands-on training. Learners will immediately see why they need to take this course and how the acquired knowledge will help them with their job. It also allows them to participate in work-related activities, tasks, and processes, which enables them to expand on their skills and knowledge.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits of Custom Elearning Development

Businesses across industries prefer Paradiso as a development partner for custom eLearning development. Our content developers, game developers, instructional designers, and subject matter experts offer the best instructional design service for your organization and, ability to develop content quickly along with the desired level of interactivity. Let’s dig deep to know what else do we offer through our custom eLearning course development.

  • Professional Dubbing/ Voice-overs

A competent and resonant voice-over significantly improves learner interaction and speed of comprehension. The team at Paradiso Solutions with custom elearning course development process, work only with highly experienced male and female voice dubbing artists. The voice overs the company offers can be personalized to suit a range of accents.


Professional Dubbing in Custom Elearning Development
Gamification in Custom Elearning Development
  • Gamification

Gamification is an inseparable part of eLearning course development and that is why at Paradiso, we use gamification to create eLearning courses to make learning interesting. Gamification is a big new trend that utilizes game mechanics to increase user participation and loyalty in an organization’s online community or learning environment. Games based on pop culture icons like Jeopardy and Who Wants to Be A Millionaire are integrated into your courses. These gamified courses through custom elearning courses are fun and rewarding for your students and help increase their knowledge retention.

  • e-Learning Course Branding

Branding is important in the digital age and with custom elearning course development you can create an unforgettable signature that people relate to you or your company’s work. When we create e-learning courses, we make sure the color scheme, look and feel of the course matches your website and the brand you wish to portray to the world.

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e-Learning Course Branding with custom elearning course development
Integrated Non-linear Branching in custom elearning courses
  • Integrated Non-linear Branching

We integrate non-linear branching in the elearning course development process to make it more exciting and interactive. A non-linear course that branches in a variety of directions but covers the entire course curriculum will hold your student’s attention much stronger than the step-by-step by the book tradition.

  • Standard Compliance with SCORM

Paradiso Solutions strictly adheres to the SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) industry standard, preventing compatibility issues irrespective of the internet browser or operating system that learners are using for training purpose.

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Standard Compliance with SCORM in elearning course development
AR/VR in eLearning course development
  • AR/VR in eLearning course

Virtual reality e-learning applications in the business sector can help training departments to provide simulations of scenarios or situations that otherwise would be hard to simulate in a real-life environment. With customized elearning course development process this feature can help to provide scenarios through specific training that require familiarization with situations and can be dangerous, expensive or even impossible to simulate in real life.

  • Effective and Efficient Collaboration

Custom eLearning programs usually employ communication and collaboration tools, in the form of chats, forums, discussions, wikis, etc. Custom eLearning course development is done on demand, the learning team can augment it with specific tests or requirements meant to aid in measuring the training efficiency. More thorough measurements can also be designed for custom eLearning courses.

Effective and Efficient Collaboration

Paradiso with its expert designers and content creators is highly capable of bringing your existing training content to life with creative eLearning templates, interactivities, video content and other custom elearning course development process.

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No time for in-house Course Creation?
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You may be asking yourself why pay for professional custom eLearning content development when you can simply buy Articulate, Lectora or Captivate and design your own? If you have the time and passion it takes to learn and master these powerful tools then that may be a better option. However if that necessary time isn’t available to you then you can count on our passionate e-learning course developers to bring a level of expertise into the course creation process that comes from years of experience. For more information on how we can create an affordable custom eLearning courses for your organization please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] or call +1 650 694 9933.

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