Custom e-Learning Course Development Services

eLearning Course Development Services

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The Top eLearning Content Development Services

It doesn’t matter if your students are learning in a classroom, online or in a simulator – if your course is boring then your students will fail to engage. Paradiso Solutions brings years of e-learning course development to help you build courses that truly capture your learner’s engagement, regardless of age or role.

Custom Course Creation

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eLearning Content Development

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Interactive Content

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VR / AR Training Courses

VR / AR Training Courses

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Features of our Course Creation Services


Professional Dubbing / Voice Overs

A professional and resonant voice over dramatically increases engagement and the speed at which learners absorb the lesson. Likewise a poor voice over could seriously hinder the learning process. At Paradiso Solutions we work only with highly experienced male and female voice dubbing artists, and the voice overs we provide can match several different accents.



Gamification is a big new trend that utilizes game mechanics to increase user participation and loyalty in an organization’s online community or learning environment. Games based on pop culture icons like Jeopardy and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire can be integrated into your courses. These Gamified courses are not only fun and rewarding for your students but they also help increase their knowledge retention.


Integrated Non-linear Branching

We integrate non-linear branching in the course development process so as to make it more interesting and interactive. A non-linear course that branches in a variety of directions but covers the entire course curriculum will hold your students attention much stronger than the step-by-step by the book tradition.


e-Learning Course Branding

Branding is important in the digital age because it creates an unforgettable signature that people relate to you or your company’s work. When we develop an e-learning course we make sure the colour scheme, look and feel of the course matches your website and the brand you wish to portray to the world.


Wide Range of Ready-Made Courses

At Paradiso Solutions we have a large backlog of courses covering a range of categories that we can refine for you and your students. Check out our Course Catalog for more details.


Standard Compliance with SCORM

Paradiso Solutions strictly adheres to the SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) industry standard, preventing compatibility issues irrespective of the Internet browser or operating system that students are using.

Why Paradiso LMS

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No time for in-house Course Creation?

Come to Paradiso!

You may be asking yourself why pay for professional course creation services when you can simply buy Articulate, Lectora or Captivate and design your own? If you have the time and passion it takes to learn and master these powerful tools then that may be a better option. However if that necessary time isn’t available to you then you can count on our passionate e-learning course developers to bring a level of expertise into the course creation process that comes from years of experience. For more information on how we can create an affordable tailor-made e-Learning course for your organization please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] or call +1 800 513 5902.

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