What LMS or softwares are used by online training companies?

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David roystonmike answered

Which software are used by training companies?

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You can go to the LMS community and ask about the same also you have some channels to get this servery done


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Sumeet Zarkar Sumeet Zarkar answered

I recommend working with an eLearning expert before choosing your LMS platform. There are communities of eLearning experts that offer awesome free advice, check out the captivate or articulate communities. You often find like-minded professionals that will go “all out” to help you!

Ask lots of questions; none are stupid. Bets are someone else has the same question.

Plan your training program functionality before choosing your software solutions.

When creating our first commercial eLearning product, we wasted time and money having functions developed that we didn’t need or use, because we hadn’t planned everything out fully before we started.

At the end of the day, your customers may prefer simplicity over complex functions, so test your market before you start or spend too much money. This may come into consideration when choosing your LMS.




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