What software can be used as an LMS?

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Mark Smith adamgarone answered

There are a lot of options in the market.

adamgarone adamgarone answered

You need a software capable to support your courses, integrations, and trainee. Is important to use a powerful and capable system, it must be trust and expertise on the LMS topic. There are several systems on the market with a lot of features, you must choose wisely.

In my experience, you should look for integration capability, user experience, and quality tech support. According to this, I recommend to use Paradiso LMS, it is an excellent software, customizable and easy to use. By the way, they have a Free LMS version very useful and interesting.

In resume, you must look for a system with enough features adaptable to your needs. Remember that every LMS has different uses, here you have a blog to look in more about it.




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