What subjects are better taught on E-Learning platforms than traditional classrooms?

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adamgarone roystonmike answered

We know that an LMS is a great idea to create learning environments, especially signatures with some specifical information, maybe some of them could be better used than other in an LMS.

roystonmike roystonmike answered

That depends on the eLearning platform design. You cannot offer a math course on a platform made for arts. Some sites offer spaces just for one kind of knowledge, you must look for an option capable of adapt to each need.

That’s to say, you need a versatile LMS that allows you to create multi-tenant environments. On this blog, you will find some information about it. This option is the best way to offer a full eLearning experience, customize not only for the customer but for the subject, on this case.

Finally, I suggest using Paradiso LMS as an answer to this question. It can help you to create customizable spaces and separate them, with the multi-tenant feature. Use an excellent LMS is the best way to improve your education and eLearning experience.




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