What tool can I can record step by step processes and video tutorials on how to do things within my organization?

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Will Philips Mark Smith answered

I want to build an online training resource for my company to be used for learning and reference for staff.

Mark Smith Mark Smith answered

This questions concerns all the trainers and capacitation department in many companies, the possibility to keep all the knowledge of hours of training in just one place. Well, we could say that having a recording team and tape all the sections in videos is a solution, but as you say it’s not a full solution. Answering your question, the solution for your case is using a Learning Management System.

An LMS solve all this problem with a powerful integration of features that can help you create a complete learning environment for your trainee. Also, it functions as a way to save all the information and organized it into a fully customizable course plan where you can go every time.

This description is one of the many options that you can find in many LMS providers, some better than others but in general it’s a definition of what you can do on it. The companies that decided to invest their budget into this great learning solution notes the difference at once. The information is easier to organize and get.

I recommend you to read about this incredible topic in the following blog, virtual classroom software, there you will find some information and sources to make up your mind about what to do.




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