Which are the popular online training software for business employees?

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adamgarone jamesw answered

There are a lot of companies that offers dedicated softwares in the business topics.

jamesw jamesw answered

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andi2021 andi2021 answered

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Mark Smith Mark Smith answered

There are many Learning platforms or “online training” software that offers an excellent service according to each need. Some of them are useful to create a full educational environment or corporate business strategies. The big deal is that, in many cases, they are good to solve just a part of the problem or need of the company.

There are several white label platforms as Moodle where you can create your own way to allocate your courses. In this case, is a great opportunity to create almost from cero your system, but it’s very difficult to use, integrate and create everything on it requires a full engineering team. So, personally, Moodle is not the solution, even the idea is attractive.

Answering your question, I recommend you to read the an example of this, top LMS companies in Dubai blog, where you can find very useful information about LMS companies, what they do and which market are they focus on. In that order of ideas, I worked with one of the systems that appear on it, which is Paradiso LMS, totally recommended.

The answer to your question is clear, look for a platform that let you develop your content and customized your brand on it. A platform full of features, and integrations that empower the experience for your company and your trainee.




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