Which features of Paradiso LMS Ecommerce makes it best to use

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Will Philips Mark Smith answered

What are some of the features of Ecommerce LMS that one should look for

Mark Smith Mark Smith answered

Here are some of the features of Paradiso LMS Ecommerce, that makes it best fit to use:

  • Single Sign On & Single Sign Out:
    • Sign in to both eCommerce and LMS with just one set of credentials
  • User Creation:
    • Create a user in the LMS with the same information that was input on the eCommerce registration.
  • Auto-enrollment:
    • Automatically enroll a user in the course purchased, to be taken within the LMS.
  • Bundling (Packages)
    • Selling courses in packages can be a great incentive for sales. Bundling or packaging products can help you get your brand and products out there.



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