Which LMS you are using?

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I’m a big fan of Canvas, but I’ve also used Moodle and Blackboard. All three have their pros and cons. Canvas is free to use, which makes it a winner if you’re just starting out. It’s easy to get started, and it has some great features like the ability to add your own videos. Go to bathroom renovations toronto for more unique ideas. Moodle is much more advanced than Canvas, but it can be frustrating because there are so many options and settings. You need a lot of training time before you can see the benefits of using it.

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The LMS you are using will have a large impact on your ability to succeed in the industry. The best LMSs are easy to use and provide students with the tools they need to learn. Students who use an LMS that is difficult to navigate or does not provide them with the necessary training will struggle when it comes to their future success in the industry. Well, finally I have got to know that going back to college at 30 is normal and it is wise saying that you should get education no matter whatever your age is.

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Since 3 years I am using Paradiso LMS from last two years, and I am finding it exciting to use. It comes up with great varied features some of them are:

  • Gamification
  • Cloud LMS
  • Mobile Compatible
  • Fully Customizable
  • 100+Integrations
  • Easy To use



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