Which software company would you recommend for my medium company to get a project management system?

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adamgarone Will Philips answered

There are a lot of companies over there that offers eLearning solutions

Will Philips Will Philips answered

Well, we must take in count that there are several systems on the market that allows you manage your task in a very different way, you must focus your intentions according to your company strategic objectives and budget. Now, you are saying that it is a regular company, so I advise you to choose a Project Management easy to use, with enough freedom to accommodate your task to a different situation, and free, if it is possible.

According to the previous information I recommend you to use Paradiso Project Management System it is a Free software with a high flexibility and easy to use. You have to take in count that a project manager is a very useful tool for your company, it does not matter if it is small or huge, it is necessary if you want to increase the productivity of it.




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