Why is so important having LMS integration with Salesforce?

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Mark Smith henny123 answered

The Salesforce is a feature that most of the LMS companies have integrated on their platform offer.

henny123 henny123 answered

In an ideal world, every employee would be able to access the company’s training resources from their desktop, tablet or mobile device. In the same way, they would also be able to track their progress and identify areas for improvement. This is not just a theoretical view of how things should work — it’s a realistic expectation of modern businesses that are focused on continuous performance and growth.Fortunately, there are collaboration tools like LMS and Salesforce that can help you combine different sources of information into one accessible platform. If you’re currently using Salesforce heardle as part of your CRM strategy but don’t have integration with its Learning Management System, read on to discover how selling activities can benefit from these two apps working together in tandem.

Will Philips Will Philips answered

The possibility to have a store and offer a course in an LMS is not a luxe, is a need. This incredible integration is an excellent feature that provides to your learning platform a quick CRM, SSO and the option to offer the courses through attractive portals and gain money in the process.

In my personal opinion, a platform without this possibility lost over 50 percent of usability on the market. That’s why, you should look for an LMS with this integration, sure you will need it on your platform. The possibilities of it are almost unlimited in many topics, to have more information take a look at this blog multi-store.

As the others comments, answering your question, I suggest you use Paradiso LMS sales force integration. Powerful LMS with more than 75 languages possibilities and hundreds of integrations.




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