Convert PPT to Scorm

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How do you convert PowerPoint to SCORM?

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A SCORM container is an XML file that contains the learning objects for a course. WebAssign uses this container to create the course in your LMS, so you do not have to worry about creating a new container or uploading it. I would like to read reviews now so as to get help in my essay.

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Interesting updates about convert tools help here these are wise and updated. I hope after the help here the people would able to fix the problems easily. Thumbs up with your further recommending suggestions on blog these are wise and would work for everyone.

pradnyamaske pradnyamaske answered

Converting a PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx) presentation to SCORM is, thankfully, an easy process. But personally, I would recommend you Paradiso Composer. This is not to say this tool is better than others when it comes to features and functionality. I am passionate about how important it is for a tool to handle the eLearning standards well and we know that this tool is strong in that category.




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