Do you think that online education is really useful and how Paradiso solve this?

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Will Philips sabib83364 answered

We know that Paradiso is an excellent platform, but always that you start using an LMS or whatever online course, the question about if it’s a good move surge, that why I want to share to you my question and see your point of view.

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dawodseo dawodseo answered

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cevoca cevoca answered

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sabib83364 sabib83364 answered

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emmashaw042 emmashaw042 answered

Yes before covid the online education was not familiar, there were some people who used it. But now everyone is moving toward online education and somehow it is good that we move our education toward technology and it helps those people who can not attend class physically. There are many websites now which you can suggest do my online class at my flexible time.

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