Do you think that online education is really useful and how Paradiso solve this?

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We know that Paradiso is an excellent platform, but always that you start using an LMS or whatever online course, the question about if it’s a good move surge, that why I want to share to you my question and see your point of view.

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I define the education as a living organism that evolves and changes day by day. Then, we cannot say that everything is set down on this topic, each day it finds a way to adapt to new communication languages.

The online education has several challenges nowadays, one of them is to focus the student in the platform. The online world has a lot of distractions and possibilities to blur the education goal. That’s why many experiences in the topic fail or let thing to do.

A good example of education via the web or online education is the LMS implementation. Those platforms are the solution for many companies with training, improves the productivity and creates a way to bring the education to the student or trainee on time and workable.

I won’t say that the online education has failed, but it is important to know that still thing to do. The key is to improve our own human skills and take advantage of the online world. Find in success possibilities, as Paradiso LMS, Litmos or Udemy, the real opportunity.

In my personal opinion, the solutions offered by Paradiso creates the perfect environment to take advantage of the online education. A powerful LMS is a key to create the perfect experience and shows that this is the future now.

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sabib83364 sabib83364 answered

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