How can gamification be used to enhance e-learning?

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Let me help you with the 10 benefits of gamification in e learning, which makes it a must have for your organization also it enhances e-learning:

Fun while learning

The most obvious benefit. Gamification makes the learning experience fun. It helps learners discover their potential and build skills. By combining learning elements with entertainment, gamification in e learning takes regular, dry e learning courses and breathes life into them simply by incorporating fun game play elements, like quizzes, strategy based games, and so on.

Enhanced Learner Experience:


Gamification in e learning helps create a more engaged learner experience. It gives an aura of positivity which further fuels the learner’s enthusiasm and interest. Successful gamification implementation can help a learner commit the lesson to long term memory, just by providing a favourable and fun learning environment.

Increased motivation:


Remember how successfully passing a level in a game would send a rush of motivation and determination through you, keeping you going strong on your quest to win the game? Well gamification elearning works on the same fundamental concept, by offering competitive games and point scoring systems to keep learners motivated at each step of the e learning journey. Increased motivation means increased engagement and knowledge retention which ultimately leads to better productivity

Improvement of knowledge:


Since gamification provides a more engaging and entertaining learning environment, by extension the knowledge retention and absorption capacity of the learner also increases. Gamification in e learning can help learners retain knowledge such that it will not only be easy for them to retrieve at required occasions but also help them overcome real world issues with the application of the same knowledge.

Not just for kids:


LMS Gamification not only helps in educating children but is equally successful in providing an exciting learning experience. If learners are having a fun time and are excited about their courses, irrespective of their age, they are more likely to absorb and retain the knowledge provided to them.

Boosts teamwork:


Since gamification encourages interaction among the learners, through team challenges, competitions, etc, it greatly affects team building, collaboration and communication between the learners and thus strengthens the relationships within the organization.

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