Steps in the eLearning development process

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What are the crucial steps in the eLearning development process?

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The 6 common phases that all eLearning development processes must go through are: 

  1. Creation of the Instructional Design Document (IDD).   

The IDD is a high-level plan of the overall instructional approach of the course. Stakeholders and the Instructional design team sign off on the global instructional approach – some common approaches are problem solving, avatars, and scenarios. 

  1. Scripting. 

The interactivities, assessments, activities, and resources for each module are finalized. The narrative script (if used) is finalized as well. The scripting document is usually a Word document, although a PowerPoint presentation works just as well. 

  1. Development of a prototype. 

This is a complete representation of the entire course in just a few slides. The onscreen content and the audio script are created and finalized. Important elements that will be used in the course are picked out and a functional prototype is created. Decisions are made and finalized regarding how content is going to be presented onscreen, the interactivities to be used, the activities/assessments to be added, colors, images, animations, and the additional resources to be provided. 

A lot of writing, rewriting, and revisions take place during this stage. The prototype should be functional on the Learning Management System. 

  1. Development of the course without audio. 

It is expensive to create audio and then recreate it with iterations. So the audio file is not created until the audio script is finalized. 

  1. Development of the course with audio. 

Once the audio script is finalized (the previous step), a fully functional course with the audio is sent to the stakeholders for approval. When the audio is developed, it is synchronized with the animations and onscreen text; audio quality and pronunciations are important, and must be checked to make sure it is right. 

  1. Creation of the Learning Management System version of the course. 

While the first 5 phases of the eLearning development process are mostly creative in nature, this final step is the mechanical and more technical part of creating an eLearning course. Once the stakeholders signoff on the course, the course (AICC/SCORM/XAPI compliant version) is ready to be hosted on the learning platform and go “live”. This is taken care of by the technical team. 

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