What are the unique features of Paradiso LMS?

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David tammyjdean3 answered

Want to know the features of Paradiso LMS

Ranganathan Arya Ranganathan Arya answered

Paradiso is the best and lightest LMS which i ever found in the industries with the features :

  1. Easy to use

    Paradiso LMS is much easier to use than its counterparts, and has been redesigned with e-learners in mind.

  2. Hosting and Support
    Paradiso LMS comes with on-demand technical support as standard with each license.
  3. 24/7 Security and Monitoring
    Paradiso LMS ensures the LMS is secure and monitored, 24 hours a day. Access to our LMS is limited to connecting only through a secure connection.
  4. eCommerce Integration
    Paradiso LMS eCommerce integration with Shopify, PayPal, WooCommerce, Magento and other applications means the partners or other potential buyers can browse and purchase quickly and easily.
  5. Multi-Tenancy (major drawback with moodle)
    Multi-tenancy allows different versions of the LMS to be run by various departments, schools or partner organizations, each with unique rules, branding and customizations.
  6. Advanced Reporting
    Paradiso LMS you can create detailed custom reports using the advanced reporting tool. It gives you a much clearer insight into the success of your training.
  7. Performance Management
    Easily track and monitor e-learner progress through customizable learning paths and Paradiso LMS’s advanced reporting function.
  8. 360° Feedback
    Paradiso LMS’s 360° feedback feature helps to build an even better overall picture of the e-learner, allowing administrators to gauge progress through structured feedback from the e-learner’s peers. LMS Paradiso
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