What is the difference between educational technology and technology in education and how does Paradiso apply this?

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This question is related with the need to understand in which of those two points is situated Paradiso LMS in the educational tech or in a tech in education

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Educational technology encompasses a broad range of tools and methodologies designed to enhance learning experiences, differing significantly from traditional educational approaches. While traditional methods rely heavily on textbooks and face-to-face interactions, educational technology integrates digital tools such as online resources, interactive software, and virtual classrooms, making learning more accessible and engaging. For instance, in fire safety education, traditional methods might include lectures and printed materials, whereas educational technology can offer immersive simulations and interactive modules that allow students to virtually experience and respond to fire scenarios. This integration of technology not only enriches the learning process but also provides practical, hands-on experiences that can be crucial in real-life situations, like understanding and practicing fire safety.

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