Reasons to convert Flash to HTML5

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Why must you convert Flash to HTML5?

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Flash to HTML5 conversion is a complicated process, but it has become essential for organizations to follow as Flash is fading away. For example, to convert Flash games to HTML5 is time-consuming as Flash games contain multiple files, and you need to recode the games using HTML5 technology. This is the only solution to prevent your Flash content, file, videos from becoming obsolete by converting them to HTML5 format. Moreover, HTML5 is a modern mark-up language that comes up with unique attributes, behaviors, and a more extensive set of technologies that allows building more engaging and multiple device-compatible websites and applications.
More and more eLearning professionals are converting from Flash to HTML5 eLearning and are now using HTML5 to design their new eLearning courses as it is the new industry standard.

People spend a great time on their mobiles to play their favorite games; it is necessary to make games accessible across a variety of devices. With gamification features like 2D 3D graphics, better video quality, better accessibility, and offline asset storage, game developers prefer to build games more interactively.

HTML5 is less CPU-intensive and uses less CPU time for delivering webpages, whereas Flash is more CPU intensive and draws more power with its plug-in and tools.

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Is Flash no longer supported? Can you explain more to me?

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