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Convert Flash to HTML5

Why you must convert Flash to HTML5?

Convert Flash to HTML5 is a new buzzword in the website development community. Many website designers and front-end developers are switching to the latest version of HTML, i.e., HTML5, as it has advanced features and solutions. Flash will disappear completely by 2021 and has been already subject to restrictions by major browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for speed and security reasons. Moreover, giant tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Mozilla, and Google have already announced that they have stopped using Flash.

HTML5 is the latest version of the HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). The new version of the language HTML, with unique attributes, behaviors, and a more extensive set of technologies, allows building various Web sites and applications. HTML5 has made it possible to run websites, eLearning courses, games on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPhones, and iPads. Before we get into the steps of how to convert Flash to HTML5, let’s discuss the reasons to convert Flash to HTML5.

Flash to HTML5

Top 5 reasons to convert Flash to HTML5

  • Mobile friendliness

Nowadays, Mobile-friendliness is the first thing that comes to mind when building a new website, eLearning course, or games. Flash is incompatible with mobile devices such as iOS-based Apple devices, laptops, smartphones, iPhones, and iPad, while HTML5 is fully mobile compatible.

Flash to HTML5- Mobile friendliness
  • Better SEO strategies

Flash to HTML5- Better SEO strategies

Flash is not friendly with SEO; it requires Adobe Flash Player plug-in and higher processing power to operate. HTML5 is SEO-friendly and can support Flash-like technologies and make photo collages, animations, and real-time video rendering with JavaScript.

  • Less Power consumption

HTML5 is more accessible than Flash, and it draws less power compared to Flash. Using Flash on your mobile phone, it drains the battery faster. If we compare both Flash and HTML5 and Flash, HTML5 consumes less processing power, runs faster than Flash.

Flash to HTML5- Less Power consumption
  • Engaging learning content

Flash to HTML5- Engaging learning content

In comparison Flash and HTML5, Flash provides limited options to develop interactive eLearning courses compared to HTML5. At the same time, HTML5 authoring tools provide easy templates that allow rapid eLearning course development. You can create dynamic eLearning courses and build perfect solutions that allow the learners to interact with the content.

  • Security concerns

Flash has several security issues and flaws that make it vulnerable. Hackers find it easier to attack Flash websites and games. It has a history of security flaws, malware, and bugs. Whereas HTML5 does have security issues, but it is minimal compared to Flash.

Flash to HTML5- Security concerns

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Flash to HTML5

How to Convert Flash to HTML5?

  • Prepare a concrete plan

If you are planning to convert to convert Flash to HTML5, do a proper planning and prepare effective strategies. Create the list of content, videos, websites, mobile games that you want to convert into HTML5 format. Proper planning and listing of work can make the transition process smooth and hassle-free. Make sure you have all the source files, including all the media files.

Flash to HTML5- Prepare a concrete plan
  • Remove relevant content and media elements.

Flash to HTML5- Remove relevant content and media elements

Extract all relevant media and content from the existing website or files, then copy the text and labels of navigation buttons in the GUI into a PPT or MS-Word document.

  • Decide on the authoring tool to be used

There are various Flash to HTML5 converter available in the market, use the most suitable authoring tool to convert Flash websites to HTML 5.

  • eLearning courses: To convert Flash to HTML5 ,you can use Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, iSpring Suite, Lectora Online, Paradiso Composer, and more.
  • Flash videos: To convert Flash to HTML5, there several video converters like Prof. Media, HandBrake, and FFMPEG are available in the market.
  • Flash ads: To convert Flash to HTML5 Canvas, use the HTML5 element called ‘Canvas’. HTML5 Canvas uses JavaScript to draw graphics, including animation, on web pages.
Flash to HTML5- Decide on the authoring tool to be used
  • Finalize the GUI and choose the right templates

Flash to HTML5- Finalize the GUI and choose the right templates

Decide the interactivities and the Graphical User Interface (GUI) that will be used in the converted file. Select the right templates for the quick development of interactivities and assessments. Prioritize the files, website, content, games, or videos that you need to convert Flash to HTML5 based on importance and urgency.

  • Choose the right conversion strategies

Develop a prototype for each conversion strategy and use four R’s: Record, Republish, Rebuild, Redesign strategies to convert Flash to HTML5 quickly.

Flash to HTML5- Choose the right conversion strategies
Record Record


During the Flash to HTML5 conversion, you must first prepare the list of Flash content that you have to convert to HTML5 and then prioritize them. Try to convert first those Flash courses without source files and low interactivities.

Rebuild Rebuild


If you want to convert your content from Flash to HTML5, but you don’t have access to the source file or have less or no interactivity, you need to rebuild the content.

Republish Republish


If Flash content was developed in older versions of tools and has source files, it needs to be republished using a newer version of the same tool.

Redesign Redesign


When the content requires a new instructional design, a complete revamp of content, i.e., a significant portion of the content needs updates, a change in look-and-feel, and instructional design. It’s better to redesign the content from scratch.

  • Conduct a pilot test

Flash to HTML5- Conduct a pilot test

Conduct a pilot test to check whether the converted file can run successfully on all platforms. If your pilot test runs successfully, you can convert the rest of your files from Flash to HTML5. Just in case it doesn’t run properly on your learning platform, you may have to redesign the courses.

Explore limitless possibilities of converting Flash to HTML5

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Flash to HTML5

Typical Challenges in Converting Flash to HTML5 and hacks to overcome them

Flash to HTML5 conversion is necessary to save your file, websites, videos, eLearning courses to run smoothly. There are several challenges you might face during the Flash to HTML5 conversion process. So, it is better to be prepared for these challenges and try to figure out solutions to overcome the hurdles.

  • Convert Flash interactivities to HTML5

Converting complex Flash interactivity to HTML5 isn’t a smooth process. Sometimes you have to rebuild it from scratch, but it can be done using authoring tools. If you want to retain the interactivities, use Articulate Storyline iSpring, Lectora, Paradiso Composer, and Adobe Captivate, it helps you convert Flash interactivities quickly and easily.

Flash to HTML5- Convert Flash interactivities to HTML5
  • Retrieve Content without source files

Flash to HTML5- Retrieve Content without source files

When you do not have source files or cannot find the source file because it is misplaced or corrupted. In this situation, you can extract your content file from existing Flash courses using software such as Microsoft OneNote or online OCR. It is easy to download your file into MS Word documents, Microsoft Excel, and Plain text formats using OCR software.

  • Incompatible with mobile-friendly interactivity

Flash is incompatible with mobile devices, and the biggest challenge is to make the courses or content available to smartphones, laptops, iPads, and so. You will have to rebuild such interaction from scratch or convert them to alternative interactivities which work seamlessly on mobiles.

Flash to HTML5- Incompatible with mobile-friendly interactivity
  • Changes to audio instruction

Flash to HTML5- Changes to audio instruction

When you extract content or file from Flash, there are chances that the audio narrations may not match. You can re-record the audio or try not to include audio for such files where the interaction has been mismatched in such a condition. Add clear instructions for the interactivities and remove the old audio narrations.

HTML5 is the Game changer

HTML5 is the Game changer

eLearning Industry

HTML5 is the game-changer for the eLearning industry as it is mobile-friendly and offers more interactivity. It has become a popular alternative to Flash. HTML5 can be customized with ease, and you don’t have to install a plug-in or a third-party program for that. It supports multiple browsers and devices and offers great accessibility to the users. More and more eLearning professionals are converting from Flash to HTML5 eLearning and are now using HTML5 to design their new eLearning courses as it is the new industry standard.

Flash to HTML5-eLearning Industry

Gaming Industry

Flash to HTML5- Gaming Industry

HTML5 has become one of the most favorite game development platforms. One of the reasons Flash to HTML5 conversion is the lack of smartphone compatibility. People spend a great time on their mobiles to play their favorite games; it is necessary to make games accessible across a variety of devices. With gamification features like 2D 3D graphics, better video quality, better accessibility, and offline asset storage, game developers prefer to build games more interactively.


HTML5 is mobile compatible and by converting Flash to HTML5, your websites will become more accessible on mobile devices. It is less CPU-intensive and uses less CPU time for delivering webpages, whereas Flash is more CPU intensive and draws more power with its plug-in and tools. Also, HTML5 is SEO friendly and its content, videos, websites are more searchable and indexable to search engines.

Flash to HTML5-Websites
Alternative to Flash

HTML5: A potential alternative to Flash

Flash to HTML5 conversion is a complicated process, but it has become essential for organizations to follow as Flash is fading away. For example, to convert Flash games to HTML5 is time-consuming as Flash games contain multiple files, and you need to recode the games using HTML5 technology. This is the only solution to prevent your Flash content, file, videos from becoming obsolete by converting them to HTML5 format. Moreover, HTML5 is a modern mark-up language that comes up with unique attributes, behaviors, and a more extensive set of technologies that allows building more engaging and multiple device-compatible websites and applications.

If you are looking for the Flash to HTML5 conversion tool but not sure which one is the best tool in the market, try Paradiso Composer and see how easily you can convert all your files into HTML5 format. Paradiso Solutions are offering the best Flash to HTML5 conversion services to meet your specific migration needs!

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