Schools in the US/the world use LMS platforms

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tommyfreed 54544ee answered

How many schools in the US/the world use LMS platforms?

robert4johnson robert4johnson answered

I am able to respond to a general query with a high level generic answer. US: An LMS will be present in the majority of the large high school systems. Again, most of them will attend college. Compared to open source, commercial products are far more widely used. such as Transcriberry and Desire2Learn. Europe has substantially lower adoption rates. Most goods are open source. The Scandinavian nations, with Norway, Denmark, and Sweden as the main markets, excel at providing online help in Europe. It’s learning, a crucial supplier.

Silajay Silajay answered

So many. Almost all schools use LMS. Octordle

Elizabeth D Camacho Elizabeth D Camacho edited answer

Good question. When choosing a school, I would also ask this question in order to determine for myself whether the curriculum will be difficult for me or not. I won’t say that I worry about possible difficulties, since I always keep this resource at hand but still it’s interesting for me to know what awaits me during the educational process.

pradnyamaske pradnyamaske answered

I do not know exactly its kind of a tough question well I work in L.A. and most of the big districts in high schools are using an LMS, I came across this product called ParadisoLMS where it has become very popular over the past decade. ParadisoLMS is a trusted name in the US and globally

Here are a few reasons why choose Paradiso LMS:

1) Scorm Tincan API

2) User Friendly

3) Fully Customizable

4) Virtual Classroom

5) Mobile Compatible

6) Interactive video

7) Multilanguage IMS and much more…

Hence ParadisoLMS is the most popular choice for an LMS in the USA.




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