Localized multilingual LMS

Implement a Localized and Multilingual LMS

Many Training companies or educational institutions have employees or students all over the world, that’s why a localized multilingual LMS becomes a very useful and necessary tool to achieve their eLearning goals. A multilingual eLearning Platform with localization offers the perfect opportunity to make the company or institution global.

You may be wondering how a multilingual LMS can help you or your company. Easy. This ensures that your employees or students, no matter in which country they are, receive the same features, benefits and the right knowledge from the eLearning courses. How? A multilingual LMS allows the system to be available in multi-languages depending on the user preferences or location.

A great Learning Management System should be able to be adapted to the user’s requirements, including language, to really offer an e-learning experience without limits. Remember that the main goals to implement an eLearning platform in your company or educational institution are to offer the users facility, security, accessibility, a personalized experience, and a complete solution to achieve their learning objectives.

It is important to understand that not only the platform needs to be multilingual, but also the courses and activities. An LMS platform should give the users the possibility to change the language for the content, database, notifications, and also the location, date & time settings to their region.

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Main benefits of a Localized and Multilingual LMS

  • Helps the workforces to become increasingly diverse and multicultural.
  • Gives the companies and institutions the opportunity to grow and be global.
  • The localized multilingual LMS not only translate the words but also ensure that the all the content delivered is adapted to the country that is being accessed in.
  • Makes the LMS interface more suitable to the users from different regions.
  • Gives the users the freedom to the users to choose their language.
  • Helps to build bridge communications and eliminate cultural and language barriers.
  • Users from different countries or regions can navigate through the same system.
  • Makes the courses easily accessible and easy to translate.

Paradiso LMS is available in more than 120 languages

Thinking about our users and clients, we developed a complete LMS that can be easily adapted to more than 120 languages. You don’t have to worry about translations or languages barriers, with Paradiso LMS multilingual you can have your eLearning platform available in the language that you or your users need.

Also, our eLearning System is not only a multilingual LMS but also is a localized LMS that allows the users to set the language, date & time settings to their region.

Our LMS comes in 5 languages including LMS in English, LMS in Spanish, LMS in German, LMS in French, and LMS in Portuguese.

Language included in the LMS

You can use Paradiso LMS to deliver eLearning to your employers, partners and customers in German, English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Nothing changes! You get all the goodness of Paradiso LMS packed for you in a plug and play system… and in multi-languages!

Extra Language list:

Albanian Irish Shona
Amharic Japanese Sindhi
Arabic Javanese Sinhala
Armenian Kannada Slovak
Armenian Kannada Slovak
Azerbaijani Kazakh Slovenian
Basque Khmer Somali
Belarusian Korean Sundanese
Bengali Kurdish (Kurmanji) Swahili
Bulgarian Kyrgyz Swedish
Catalan Lao Tajik
Cebuano Latin Tamil
Chichewa Latvian Tamil
Corsican Lithuanian Thai
Croatian Luxembourgish Turkish
Chinese Mandarin Turkmen
Czech Macedonian Ukrainian
Danish Malagasy Urdu
Dutch Malay Uzbek
Esperanto Malayalam Vietnamese
Estonian Maltese Welsh
Filipino Maori Xhosa
Finnish Marathi Yiddish
Frisian Mongolian Yoruba
Galician Myanmar (Burmese) Zulu
Georgian Nepali
Greek Norwegian
Gujarati Pashto
Haitian Creole Persian
Hausa Polish
Hawaiian Portuguese
Hindi Romanian
Hmong Russian
Hungarian Samoan
Icelandic Scots Gaelic
Igbo Serbian
Indonesian Sesotho

Having a localized multilingual LMS doesn’t affect the performance or features of the platform. Paradiso LMS offers a lot of features and integrations that would make your eLearning experience complete and unforgettable.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your training or learning courses to the next level with localized multilingual LMS. Ask one of our account consultants for more information or even schedule a free Demo to explore deeper our LMS.

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