Any way to convert PPT to SCORM

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Is there any way to convert PPT into SCORM?

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SCORM is the worldwide industry and government standard for collecting and organizing training content into uniform digital packages for use and tracking in Learning Management Systems. Just by converting your PPT online course material to SCORM you guarantee that it will work on almost all of the LMS’s out there.

Converting your PowerPoint presentations to a SCORM package to use in your Learning Management System is an easy process, though we advise you to test it first to make sure that your PPT to SCORM conversion is done correctly, and that it will work on any SCORM compliant LMS.

PARADISO COMPOSER: A powerful web-based e-Learning authoring tool. You can use Paradiso Composer to convert all your PowerPoint eLearning courses into SCORM compliant courses yourself, easily.

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It is great to know that there are ways to convert PowerPoint presentations into SCORM files. This can be a great resource for those who want to home real estate North Texas create interactive content, such as eLearning courses. With SCORM, course creators can easily track learners’ progress and assess their knowledge. It is definitely worth exploring the various options available for converting PPT to SCORM.




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