Top instructional designing companies

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Which are the top instructional designing companies?

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If you are looking for a company that offers Instructional Design Services, I recommend few companies who are experts in their field. 

The most trusted top instructional design companies are as follows: 

Paradiso Solutions 

Paradiso an instructional design firm comes with outstanding features such as micro learning, gamification, on demand learning. It also offers built-in reporting for analytics and live training options. The system can integrate with PowerPoint, Adobe, and import SCORM files. Paradiso Solutions also offers 7,000 pre-built courses so course design doesn’t need to start from scratch. 


EdApp is a user-friendly result driven software tool that simply adds training content into EdApp’s templates and incorporate interactive elements like videos, multiple-choice, comparison, numbers, click and drag to match, and more. The EdApp’s templates are user-friendly and adaptable to a variety of learning styles, so they can accommodate all of your students. It also offers free library designed by global thought leaders and leading industry experts. 


One of the best instructional design companies, Brainshark offers several tools to aid in the learning process. Its presentations include videos, music, and attachments that can be accessed through a web browser from any computer or wireless device for sales presentations, training, and other purposes. One of the service’s is that it makes it easier for users to create and distribute presentations, as well as send alerts about who has viewed the material. 

Adobe Captivate 

An instructional design software, Adobe Captivate helps you create responsive eLearning content and transform non-mobile courses to mobile learning content. Captivate can be used to make courses, presentations, tests over LMSs among other things. Adobe Captivate offers a wide range of design options for everyone from non-technical users to advanced instructional designers. 

Articulate Storyline 

Listed among top instructional designing companies, Articulate Storyline allows you to create online training modules using built-in templates, characters, and other graphics. This can be used to make screencasts, slideshows, software simulations, interactive timelines, from competent course designers to regular subject matter experts. The interface of Storyline is very similar to that of Microsoft PowerPoint, but it has a lot more features, such as interactivity, branching, transitions, triggers, screen and video capture, and so on. 

Lectora Publisher 

Lectora Publisher is an instructional design company is known for creating custom eLearning courses that can be segmented by location. It includes templates and stock images that can be readily added to any course. This software that allows you to build multi-device courses and has gotten a lot easier. A screen template library, graphics library, and other features are included in this educational design tool. 


Camtasia is purely a video recording and editing tool that can be used to create multimedia training packages, so it’s ideal if all you want to do is create video content for your learning plan. Audio and text files, images, deep focus frames, and other objects can be introduced into avatars and interactive scenarios in the software. You can also use filters, special effects or just work on their pre-build video templates. 


A cloud-based LMS, TalentLMS is SCORM and TinCan certified. This top instructional design company offers users presentations, videos, and other online material through their integrations. Plus, administrators can create custom logos, domains, and themes. It can be used to satisfy complex business structures if you have different venues. Some of the key features of TalentLMS include video conferencing, course downloading when offline, analytic functionality, advanced gamification, and the ability to sell courses. 


These were the list of some incredible top Instructional design companies in the USA . With the implementation of the best eLearning platform, you can expand your business and improve profitability. Select the right eLearning platform as per your business requirements, budget, learning style, and team size. Try Paradiso’s free demo today and see how easily you can deliver an effective online learning program for your organization. 

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