Online learning tools

Online learning tools

Interconnection is fundamental nowadays. Using multiple tools that can work together, will facilitate the work and save time in the realization of many processes. A quality Learning Management System is one that has the ability to integrate with as many online learning tools as possible and generate a universe of possibilities within the Learning Management System.

Among the online learning tools there are those that are designed to provide a closer learning experience, proposing an approach between the end user (student or trainee) and his instructor or teacher. An excellent example of this type of tools is the video-conference, a tool that integrated with LMS, allows the realization of video calls with multiple users, schedule meetings and webinars, among other features.

In the same way, there are online learning tools that are focused on solving the problems of the corporate sector and integrated with a Learning Management System, increase the accuracy and flow of data to ensure effective corporate training and with great impact on both employees and the company.

The integration with multiple online learning tools is essential in the world of eLearning for both the corporate and educational sectors. This will ensure maximum use of the network as a learning tool and is a determining factor in the successful relationship that must be built between the apprentices, the platform and those who train them, to guarantee an unforgettable educational experience.

Paradiso LMS has more than 100 integrations with different online learning tools very useful to increase the eLearning experience, which makes our platform one of the best options in the market to deliver efficient eLearning training programs.

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Let’s see some of the most important integrations of Paradiso LMS


LMS – CRM tool has been doing the rounds in the corporate sector for quite some time now. In companies with diverse HR landscape, this type of online learning tool is crucial for its strategic success. This strategic success is spoken of from the point of view of sales. However, for the grand realization of this chimera, the organization has to make sure that sales department staff or those who will be operating the CRM-LMS alliance are properly trained to make the entire thing tick.


LMS-CMS integration extends the power of your LMS to the simplicity of a CMS software, while giving you one-click access from the CMS to training content, course assignment and performance management, plus much more, right on your LMS. This tool integration can weave with eCommerce platforms and allows for the courses to be bought online, if required.


By using an LMS Ecommerce integration, you can seamlessly align your learning management system and the ecommerce platform, such that your users can find, purchase and access your courses directly from one system, without having to hop from platform to platform.

LMS-Virtual Classroom

The best way to deliver your course, teach lessons, lectures, develop training activities or any other type of virtual content is using the virtual classroom integration. This feature will not only help you improve communication with your users, but it also has many advantages in its daily implementation and training processes in general.

Paradiso LMS Virtual Classroom integration is so smooth that your users won’t even know where Paradiso LMS ends and the Virtual Classroom tool starts. This integration is one of the most flexible, live virtual classroom solution.


The powerful solution that become an Enterprise Resource Planning platform will make the processes inside your company faster and effectively. With our ERP Learning Management System Integration, your company will get the amazing features of Paradiso LMS, bound tightly with the ERP. Both platforms will establish a channel of communication giving you an unprecedented hold on your training initiatives. You’ll ensure your students are getting adequately trained while getting to manage your training budget efficiently.


With this online learning tool, companies are able to manage and synce employees’ training reports and HR processes in the same place. This is a Human Resource Information System, a very useful tool made to run all the company assets. There you can store the employee info, such as join date, contract type, salary, title, manager, etc. It helps an organization plan, control and manages HR costs, carry out detailed reporting and effectively recruits new staff.

LMS-Google Apps

Your LMS and Google Apps work seamlessly together. Leverage and share work files, documents and online training content across Google Apps with Paradiso Learning Management System. LMS Google Apps Integration brings LMS and Google Apps together with Single Sign On (SSO). Users can now use the LMS to access their course content and use Google Apps as a productivity suite to actually do their work. Share calendars, create new Documents, spreadsheets and slides, update, organize and save them in Google Drive within your LMS. Transform Google Apps into a collaborative learning environment.

As you can see, the multiple ways Paradiso LMS can be adapted to match many useful tools to work together in the learning process, this is just the tip of the iceberg in what integrating with multiple software tools matters. You just name it and we will work to deliver an incredible learning experience.

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