IMS LTI compliant learning management systems

What is an IMS LTI compliant learning management systems and how it works with Paradiso LMS?

IMS LTI compliant learning management systems can provide you with the ability to connect content from an external platform to your LMS through global IMS, a standard for creating content similar to SCORM.

This integration allows connection with tools, content, courses and other activities located on external platforms to run them in your LMS.

The use of IMS LTI compliant learning management systems facilitates bidirectional communication between eLearning platforms, making it possible to share the contents that you make available to other users of external platforms, just as you can bring content from other training systems to your own LMS.

LMS LTI format establishes a standard for integrating rich learning applications called tools, with platforms such as Paradiso Learning Management System.

The LMS LTI tool allows remote users on a different site to access selected courses and activities. This is an external tool that runs the content with permission from the LMS platform where is taken but directly in Paradiso LMS.

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To integrate the different platforms with the LMS your content or data application needs to be IMS Global compliant. This establishes a set of standards or characteristics that allow the integration with many applications and tools.

For corporations and institutions is easier and cheaper to get the IMS Global certification than paying a lot of money for an external integration.

Thanks to the IMS LTI compliant learning management systems tool you can bring the features and the functionalities of an external platform to your LMS like grades, assignment data exchange, among others.

The great thing about IMS LTI compliant learning management systems tool is that not only lets you integrate with other platforms that you already use in your organization or institution but also lets you share your eLearning content with other LMS’s or external platforms. This allows you to even sell your content if you want to.

Examples of the IMS LTI compliant learning management systems compliant integration

You can integrate a lot of applications or external tools with the LMS. One of the examples we are gonna show you in this blog is Piazza.

As you can see in the image below. You can get a full view of the activity in Piazza platform but hapenning inside Paradiso LMS.

IMS LTI compliant learning management systems

The IMS LTI compliant tool lets you create your class on Piazza, fill all data required and find all the information of the session in the LMS.

Another benefit of being IMS LTI compliant is that through your LMS you can run all your IMS courses.

IMS LTI compliant learning management systems

As we told you before, thanks to the LTI tool you can share your self-made content from your LMS platform to other external software.

You just need to fill the information required and set the plugins and the permissions needed to access the content.

IMS LTI compliant learning management systems

Paradiso LMS is an IMS LTI compliant learning management system that not only complies with this standard but also has taken in count the main regulations in eLearning industry to fit with any training need that your company or educational institution might have.

Our LMS platform is one of the most complete software for virtual learning. Its multiple features and more than 100 integrations set a perfect environment to get the maximum ROI out of your training programs.

The IMS LTI compliant tool integration in Paradiso LMS creates such an interactivity between platforms, users, contents, features, etc that the eLearning experience in your company will be upgraded to a whole new level, improving the communication and the effectiveness of all processes.

Plus, it allows the feedback to flow from platform to platform, providing a detailed report of your user’s performance.

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