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Reflect your brand’s identity with Paradiso white label LMS


Customized LMS

Customized LMS

Customization does not end with just the look of your white label LMS platform. Paradiso’s best white label LMS provides the opportunity for organizations to customize the platform with their branding and create a fully customized learning experience that is consistent with your brand.

White Labeling

Benefits of White Label LMS Software

Paradiso makes your LMS design consistent and offers a customized LMS so that it’s recognizable to your audience. It is the best and most cost-effective white label LMS that comes with a complete wide selection of course libraries.

  • Economical

Paradiso LMS is the best white label LMS software in the market and is substantially cheaper in comparison to developing your own customized LMS. This will also save your business a lot of time and effort on hiring a team of UX specialists, developers, course developers, instructional designers, etc.

  • New Product Launch

New Product Launch

Suppose you are interested in capitalizing on opportunity and require quickly adding courses to your platform. In that case, Paradiso LMS for business is the ultimate solution to a white label LMS platform that can get you set up in just a few days.

  • Rise in Business Revenue

When you add a new service to your business, you tend to create new revenue streams. Usually, this new service tends to have a complimentary benefit to your business. With Paradiso white label LMS platform for business, you can set your own price structure for courses depending on your business strategy.

Rise in Business Revenue
  • Focus on your strength

Focus on your strength

When you customize your business plan according to the need, you need to focus on other fields related to building your business such as designing, developing and testing.

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Customized LMS

Key Features of Paradiso White Label LMS Platform

  • Custom Integrations & Single-Sign-On

Paradiso white label LMS platform comes up with valuable integrations that provide a seamless learning experience. The integrated LMS enables you to transfer the data between two systems smoothly and efficiently. You can amalgamate our white label LMS with CRM, HRIS, E-commerce, social networks, Google Apps, Web conference and more.

Custom Integrations & Single-Sign-On
  • Easy custom content development

Easy custom content development

Create tailored courses to meet the specific learning needs of the learners. Our best white label LMS offers a custom content development feature that allows you to create job skills specific, industry-specific and other personalized learning courses. Provide holistic learning expertise by creating customized and exclusive learning material for your employees.

  • Multi-tenant LMS

Paradiso’s best white label LMS software allows you to train multiple groups of learners from a single platform at the very same time. You can use our comprehensive LMS to instruct learners from different branches and locations simultaneously. You do not need to purchase separate learning software for your extended enterprises; you can use Paradiso multi-tenant eLearning platform.

Multi-tenant LMS
  • Gamification


Make learning fun and interesting for your learners with the gamification feature. Create more compelling ways to keep your learners motivated and engaged with our best white label LMS. Add rewards, badges, points, progress bar and more gamify learning techniques to enrich the learning experience. With the gamification feature, the learner receives instant feedback, which makes learning easy and interactive.

  • Advanced Reporting and Analysis

Advanced reports on employee performance can help you to develop new L&D strategies to achieve the goal. Our white label LMS with advanced reporting features can track, access, monitor learner progress level, and generate standard & custom reports in a few clicks as well. With a report scheduling feature, the report can be sent automatically to your employees on a scheduled date and time.

Advanced Reporting and Analysis
  • Social Learning

Social Learning

Paradiso’s best white label LMS comes up with a social learning feature that allows you to engage your learners through the discussion forum, chat, polls, and social media platforms. Share your ideas, views and knowledge through social learning feature. Create an interactive and collaborative learning environment in your organization.

  • Virtual Classroom

Deliver engaging learning experience with virtual classrooms feature of our white label LMS. The platform integrates with web-conferencing tools that make the whole learning process a lot interesting . This feature allows the learner to connect with the instructor online for face-to-face learning. We offer interactive whiteboards, breakout rooms, polling, and more reliable solutions.

Virtual classroom
  • Blended Learning

Blended learning

Blended is a perfect fusion of synchronous and asynchronous learning methods. Our white label LMS facilitates face-to-face learning and online learning, where the learner can learn at their own time and pace. Both the digital self-paced and instructor-led make learning engaging and effective.

Why Paradiso?

Why Paradiso?

Paradiso LMS for business is the best white label LMS as it helps in overcoming all the obstacles that arise while customizing business and also offers stellar services and support to all those problems. It also provides you a simple and easy way to step into the online learning world without having to increase your bottom line.

Give your learners an engaging LMS video conferencing platform and be rewarded with more revenue and loyalty.

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How to Choose the Best LMS?

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