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Paradiso eLearning Product and Services for Government & Public Sector Agencies

The one stop shop for all Your eLearning Needs


Design an eLearning course?

Paradiso LMS is Catered for the Need of Government Sector

Easy to Use User Interface

Compliance Reporting & Features

Enhanced Data Security

508 Compliance / Accessibility

FedRAMP Compatible & Highly Secure

On Premise & Cloud Version Available

Documented, Virtual & Classroom Training for LMS Administration

Dedicated Support Based in USA

Extended Enterprise / Multi-Tenant

Learning Paths in your LMS

The Government / Public Sector agencies need to implement continuous learning as a part of their work process to improve the performance and overall development of their staff. However, the eLearning needs of Government / Public Sector agencies are very different from their private sector counterparts. Our customized eLearning solutions will help them fulfill their diverse learning needs easily and in a cost effective way.


Benefits of customer training?

Paradiso LMS as the eLearning Platform of your Choice will Help

  • Modernize the eLearning programs, increase user participation and engagement.
  • Use newer eLearning technologies without the need for added IT infrastructure.
  • Improve shareability of information across groups of users, while helping keep the right information accessible to the right people.
  • Reduce the training costs.
  • Keep the data highly secure with strict compliances.
  • Streamline training pan organization or create separate training modules for each department or division.
  • Ease your eLearning operations with dedicated local client support to assist you every step of the way.
Paradiso LMS as the eLearning Platform of your Choice will Help

Why Paradiso LMS?

Why Paradiso LMS
  • At Paradiso, we carry a strong background of helping the government organizations and public sector agencies reach their full potential through state-of-the-art eLearning services, products and solutions that are tailored to their specific needs and high standard requirements.
  • Our highly-sought Paradiso LMS is a cloud-based eLearning software. As a part of our efforts to bring years of commercial experience to the public and Government sector, Paradiso LMS is in the process of becoming a fully compliant platform in terms of cloud security and accessibility standards.
  • Paradiso LMS is ideal for non-profits, local municipalities, federal programs government employees, contractors, vendors, general public and public sector agencies.

3A Delivery Framework

  • Trusted Advisors: We act as trusted advisors to solve any information technology challenge in the public sector.
  • Easy Access: When it comes to addressing their needs organizations have easy access to our resources.
  • Adapt to changes: We quickly adapt to changes in IT and within government organizations environments.
3A Delivery Framework

Robust Technical Support in the US

Robust Technical Support in the US
  • Paradiso has clients across the United States and we are able to deliver 24/7 local support.
  • Additionally, the system integrates a chat which users can use at any time to ask quick questions, get real time answers, and a ticketing system that allows for problems in general as well as major technical issues to be reported. The tickets are addressed by support and technical staff within 24 hours.
  • We also provide support through email at an administrative level.

Public Sector Experience

Private Sector, We Have Worked With

Our Partners In Technology

Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

  • 511210(Applications development and publishing, except on a custom basis)
  • 518210(Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services)
  • 519190(All Other Information Services)
  • 541512(Computer Systems Design Services)
  • 541513(Computer Facilities Management Services)
  • 541519(Other Computer Related Services)
  • 541611(Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services)
  • 541990(All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services)
  • 611710(Educational Support Services)

Paradiso Solutions LLC
Small Disadvantaged Business
SBA 8(a) Program Registered

DUNS: 080403682
Cage: 7VKD5

Primary NAICS:
541511 (Custom Computer
Programming Services)

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