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We are Paradiso, the technology company with the DNA of Silicon Valley and a global presence. Our purpose is to provide best IT consulting and enterprise software products to our clients so our clients can reach their full potential. We provide IT solutions in many different market types including but not limited to retail, manufacturing, finance, education and healthcare. One of our successful solutions is eLearning solution. We provide end-to-end eLearning products and services including LMS, Authoring tool, off-the-shelf courses, course creation services and managed learning services. Paradiso LMS has been consistently ranked among top 3 cloud LMS in the world.

Delivery Framework


Our 3A delivery framework has been designed to provide best experience and value that go beyond client’s expectations.


advisor-iconTrusted Advisors: We act as trusted Advisors to solve your technology challenges.


easy-accessEasy Access: Being mid-size company, we are able to give you full attention you deserve and you can easily access our resources.


adapt-icon Adapt to changes: We quickly adapt to changes in technology and your business environment.


Silicon Valley DNA, Global Presence


Paradiso has clients in 22 countries and able to deliver 24/7 services to clients from its global delivery centers.

Our values guide us as we keep expanding in different geographies, technologies and verticals.

Paradiso Values



We have the DNA of Silicon Valley; our engineers have that inherent spirit to wade relentlessly through failures. Failures don’t frighten us, in fact, we take them as stepping stones to success.


Clients First

Clients may not always be right, but they always come first before we do anything or design any new products. Many have tried to copy our product, but they never succeeded in copying our zeal for supporting our customers.


Never Give Up

Never give up is the value that we abide by. We know there are many multi-billion dollar companies with a big brand and name out there, and yet organizations like ours outshine them because of what we do, and most importantly, how we do it.


Human Assets

Our youngest engineer is barely 18 and our oldest employee is 56 years old. Our main technical architect is partially blind, but he ‘sees’ solutions when other engineers with optimum eyesight and best of the knowledge flounder.


Paradiso Family

We are more like a family spread throughout the globe, with people who speak different languages, have different religions, ethnic backgrounds, skin colors and preferences, and we all work collaboratively.


High Security

We constantly work on improving different aspects of information security to protect our clients’ valuable data. Management meetings start by asking honest questions about potential threats to information, application security and risks.


Solutions Focus

Our managers are called ‘coaches’ and our sales executives are called ´IT Consultants’, and that’s for a reason. Our sales team will help you throughout solution discovery, as opposed to focusing energy on closing a deal.


Client Satisfaction

We never let our customers down. We will deploy all the necessary resources, human and technological, to go beyond your expectations, whether it is with our products and services or the support aspect.

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Company Brochure

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