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Paradiso LMS for Associations

Modern, full-feature continuing education,
ecommerce-enabled association LMS


Continuing Education

Paradiso LMS offers specialized solutions for Continuing Education

At Paradiso, we are serious about the business of associations. We understand their need for great content which they can deliver to the world. Be it gamified mobile content, simulations, interactive videos or anything else, Paradiso can be a trusted partner for content creation. Besides, good content, associations need a complete SaaS, mobile responsive application through which the content can be used anytime, anywhere. Not to forget the full fledged functionalities of single sign-on, catalog, ecommerce, reporting established workflows, while being extremely easy to use.

LMS for Associations

Features of Paradiso LMS for Associations

Manage Complex Accreditation Requirements

With Paradiso LMS, your learners get the ability to automatically allocate credits based on course completion, besides they get the ability to report the credits acquired outside the LMS, for example – attendance to conferences, seminars etc. Besides, the LMS can easily integrate with the respective government bodies of different professions to report the learners’ credits.

CE Credits

Self reporting of Continuing Education

Paradiso LMS as the association LMS of your choice would make your learners self sufficient. Be it reprinting certificates, updating records or submitting their own participation details or record of credits earned outside of Paradiso, you learner can do it all on his own in his elearning portfolio, without the need to wait for the LMS administrator’s approval.

Self Reported Learning min

eCommerce for Association LMS

Presenting the easy, flexible and powerful ecommerce engine for association LMS. Increase revenue by selling courses online with the robust ecommerce features of Paradiso LMS. Manage membership plans, subscription-based access, give out coupons and discounts, sell a single course or bundle them together, allow learners to select their own courses, dynamic pricing management to allow role-based discounts, promote related courses for upsell and cross-sell and many more with our LMS for Associations.

eCommerce for Association LMS


Paradiso LMS can serve as a strong LCMS platform with complete CMS capabilities. The features include content creation, search engine optimized content, taxonomy based search and much more. Gone are the days of managing spreadsheets and reports, with Paradiso LMS for Associations, you can easily track all types of training, be it online training, synchronous or asynchronous training, online self-paced study, on-the-job training, traditional classroom training and more.

CMS Capabilities

Robust Membership Management

With Paradiso LMS for Associations, you can easily manage your members under different member plans, give them access to member only content, manage subscription-based membership and remind members of renewal of their memberships. With our Paradiso LMS for Associations, you get the option to use our membership management engine or we can Seamlessly integrate with your Association Management System (AMS).

Membership Management

Powerful Course Building Tool

With an in-house course authoring tool, namely Paradiso Composer, you can develop various types of engaging, interactive multimedia elearning content without you needing to know the IT ins and outs. The best part? You could benefit from the richest possible ready-to-use resources such as course templates etc. Besides, all the courses made are SCORM & AICC compliant.

Course Building tool
LMS for Associations

Features of Paradiso LMS for Associations



Features of Paradiso LMS for Associations



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Paradiso LMS for Associations

Why Paradiso LMS for Associations

  • Great User Interface

The user interface of Paradiso LMS is as non-LMS-sy as it can get. It is clean and easy-to-use with no hint of clutter for the users to get confused by. This is an essential part of an association LMS.

Great User Interface
  • Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive

Paradiso LMS is mobile responsive, meaning that it can be accessed effectively on any device or computer browser from any corner of the world. This is especially helpful in CME for doctors’ ground rounds, vouchers, PARS and CE monitor integrations.

  • Caters to Extended Enterprises

Paradiso LMS provides one of the world’s best solutions for channel, customer, associations and training providers, public sectors – government in an extended enterprise model for all types of industries.

Caters to Extended Enterprises
  • Different Programs for Varied Customers

Different Programs for Varied Customers

Be it non profits, government bodies and public sectors, Paradiso LMS is designed to support all types of complex association requirements. This combined with managed learning and course creation services, Paradiso works as a one-stop shop.

  • Performance Management and Advanced Reporting

Be it medical associations, academic medical centers, health systems, medical education companies, law firms or finance sector industries, Paradiso LMS helps you easily manage all the complex accreditation requirements.

Performance Management and Advanced Reporting
  • User-Managed eLearning

User-Managed eLearning

Paradiso LMS as the association LMS of your choice would make your learners self sufficient and reducing their need to dial customer support for smaller things like reprinting certificates or updating records etc.

  • Robust Outcome Measurement

Paradiso LMS helps you in measuring key educational outcomes and metrics which are critical to your association’s educators and trainers. These outcomes will help you analyze and strategize your course offerings better.

Robust Outcome Measurement
  • Impactful, Interactive Content

Impactful, Interactive Content

Paradiso LMS, with its robust out-of-the-box features empowers associations to deliver interactive, on-the-go mobile optimized content to the learners as a part of the continuing education program.

When you, as an association, are serious about delivering continuous education to your learners, be it CPE, CME, CLE, CEU and have complex requirements with not even a slight margin for error, then Paradiso LMS can be your worthy of trust option.

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